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Cedar Shoe Trees - Split Toe With Hook Heel

Made with 100% aromatic red cedar. Combination of hook heel and expandable split toe. Features brass-plated metal hardware that adds an elegant touch. Prolongs the life of all styles of footwear. Makes a great gift! Packed in a box. Prevents cave-in and wrinkling of shoes in the heel, toe and vamp areas. Absorbs moisture to prevent odour and bacteria growth.

Cedar Shoe Trees - Solid Toe, Men's - One Size Fits All

Made with 100% aromatic red cedar. Solid Toe prevents cave-in and wrinkling of your shoes. Features brass-plated metal hardware. Packed in a bag.

Cedar Shoe Trees - Split Toe with Shot Gun Heel

Made with 100% aromatic red cedar. This split-toe design features a spreader plate that adjusts to accommodate the widest range of shoe widths. Featuring brass-plated metal hardware and a shot-gun heel. Packed in a box.

Deluxe Cedar Valet

Look your best with this handy shoe shine kit. This large cedar box carries a wide variety of products, plus a built-in foot rest that doubles as a carrying handle for easy transport.

1 Cedar shoe box
1 Shoe polish - black (70 g)
1 Shoe polish - brown (70 g)
1 5” Shoe horn
2 Shine Brushes
2 Dauber sponges
2 Shine cloths

Deluxe Cedar Hanger

Made with 100% aromatic red cedar. A wider design with contoured shoulders will support larger apparel without any slips, snags or strains. Great for suits, jackets and overcoats. The cedar scent helps protect from moths and insects while infusing your closet with a fragrant cedar aroma.

Wooden Shoe Stretcher

Permanently stretches shoes that are a little tight.

This one-way stretcher places pressure on the shoe’s vamp or toe box, resulting in a wider and looser fitting shoe.

Made of durable, polished wood and includes two metal bunion attachments that can be placed on various areas to customize the stretch where it’s needed most.

Great for relieving pain when breaking in new shoes or for those with calluses, hammer toes, corns or bunions.

Place Shoe Stretcher in shoe, crank the handle to widen and leave for a few hours. Test to see if more time is needed. Use with your favourite shoe stretch solution for guaranteed results. Includes 2 bunion attachments that can be placed onto various areas to specialize where pressure is applied to customize the stretch. Great for all types of shoes. Not suitable for boots.

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