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Fresh Scent™ Insoles

Replacement insoles with 6 layer technology helps provide breathability and helps wick away moisture to keep feet dry and feeling fresh all day long. The ultra-thin material can be worn with tight fitting shoes and does not crowd toes. Great for women’s flats, high heels, sneakers, new shoes and any footwear being worn with bare feet. Multi-pack ensures easy replacement all year long. Freshly scented to combat odour. Anti-slip bottom so insole stays in place.

In-Step Insoles

Ultra slim and disappear even in open toed shoes. They provide long lasting comfort and support like your regular insoles, but are designed to fit most fashionable styles of shoes. Self-adhesive.

High Heel Fabric Insole - 3 Pairs

Ultra slim design disappears even in open toed shoes and Sandals. They provide long-lasting comfort and help to redistribute weight in high heels, keeping the foot from dipping forward. Self-adhesive.

Gel Cushioning Insole

Fashion Feet gel cushioning insoles feature a gel micro-massage layer that provides support and cushioning in the heel and forefoot areas. Designed to fit most fashionable styles of shoes.

Safety Soles Pads

Made of long wearing synthetic materials to provide longer sole life for your favorite footwear. Adds anti-slip protection. Ideal for all dress shoes and dress boots.

Gel 3/4 Forefoot Cushion Insole

Helps keep the forefoot completely cushioned. Recommended for people that do a lot of walking or standing on their feet. Self-adhesive.

Gel Pointed Toe Cushion

Thin and designed with a narrow forefoot area to fit in most pointed high heeled shoes. They help keep the forefoot completely cushioned and offer support. Self-adhesive.

In-Step Cushion

Provides front of foot support and comfort when weight is transferred from the heel to the ball of the foot. Invisible in open toed shoes. Self-adhesive.

Gel Sandal Toe Cushion

Features a built in toe spacer that wraps around the sandal’s toe post to prevent rubbing and friction between the toes. Self-adhesive.

Anti-Slip-Ball-Of-Foot Cushion

Gel Anti-Slip Ball-of-Foot Cushions provide front of foot support and comfort when weight is transferred from the heel to the ball of foot. The ribbed surface of the pad stops shoes from feeling too wide or loose by keeping feet firmly in their intended place.

Gel Heel Cushion

Provides extra comfort in the heel of all types of fashion shoes, even backless ones. They also help to absorb shock, taking the pressure off your knees and back. Self adhesive.

Foam Heel Liners

End irritating heel splitting with a thick layer of special foam. This pad fills gaps and keeps foot in place to prevent heel chafing and blisters. Provides a better fit to shoes that slip. Self-adhesive.
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