Travel Size Shine Sponge

SKU: 30020
Polishes, nourishes, protects and cleans all colours of genuine or synthetic leather and vinyl footwear and accessories.

These travel sized shine sponges are great to keep in your luggage, briefcase, laptop bag, purse, and more! Provides an instant shine in seconds. Simply twist the puck to open and reveal a sponge pre-soaked with neutral polish. Dispose after a few uses.

This mini sponge is perfect for hotel chains, swag bags, guest favours, and more!
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Shine Sponge

Pre-soaked shine sponge nourishes, cleans and shines in one easy step. Ideal for smooth leathers as well as man-made leathers. Excellent for footwear, boots, handbags, and briefcases. Restores colour and provides an instant shine in seconds. Quick and convenient, perfect for travel. High quality polish from Spain.

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